Grayscale Meta​​-​​Album: Value 0​.​5 Sub​​-​​Album

by Swircle 987

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"Grayscale Meta​​-​​Album: Value 0​.​5 Sub​​-​​Album" is the second of three sub-albums, mostly consisting of the second mixes of each of the twelve songs on this meta-album. Though these songs are fundamentally the same as their original mix counterparts, their overall sounds are generally quite different. That said, sometimes these second mixes take on this wonderful limbo state of being between the first and third mixes, which themselves tend to be more "down to Earth"or "out there," respectively. Of course, both of those cliche descriptions are quite relative, multi-interpretable notions. And, for the music of Swircle 987, those concepts might even be meaningless... .

Either way, these second (primarily) mixes are brilliant. Sometimes, while listening to the entire meta-album (36 songs in all) on random play, a second mix will stand out...and kind of bring me into another place. I hope you find yourself somewhere other than where you started after listening to this sub-album, too!

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released May 24, 2013

Music composed, produced, mixed, remixed, and mastered by Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley.

"Road to Freedom":
Lyrics written by The Willz, aka William Varner.

"Your Body_Don G [Swircle 987 (PG) Remix]":
Lyrics and vocals by Don G.

"Hard Depth Core":
Recording of whales from New CBS Audio-File Sound Effects Library, produced by Ed Hoppe and Joel Dulberg.

"Computers Control":
Soundbite courtesy of NASA.

Album art by Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley.



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Swircle 987 Pleasanton, California

Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley, is an abstractician. An abstractician deals primarily with things in the abstract such as Mathematics, Music, and Art. Swircle 987 is the name Will Beazley has given to himself for the purpose of representing his music and art. ... more

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Track Name: The Road to Freedom [Rock House Mix]
The road to freedom
to where there's no equal...
...but these young kids thinking
that there is no other way from evil
but to just lay waste
to those that have no space
to call home.
(so alone)
Track Name: Mal Funk Shun [Overheat Remix]
Track Name: Your Body_Don G [Swircle 987 Music Mix]
none ~_~
Track Name: Channel Your Energy [Wash Mix]
Channel Your Energy
Track Name: In Orbit [New Remix]
"It's a new and strange environment at first, this...suddenly finding yourself in orbit."
Track Name: Computers Control [Automatic Pilot Remix]
Computers now have primary control
of critical vehicle functions.
Track Name: Visual Eyes [Eyes Closed Mix]
Visual Eyes