Grayscale Meta​​​-​​​Album: Value 0​​.​​0 Sub​​​-​​​Album

by Swircle 987

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Well, it's as they say: "The third time's a charm." Yah, I couldn't resist using that cliche. After all, this sub-album - "Value 0.0 Sub-Album" - is the third sub-album of this meta-album, "Grayscale Meta-Album." Indeed, approximately 83% of these twelve mixes are the third of their respective songs. The other 17% are close enough to being such as well, so they are...for most intents and purposes...ALL third mixes. ~_~

I love getting overly technical. lol. But anyways... . Another excellent point to make here might be that this dozen represents the somewhat more edgy, "out there" side of each song of this meta-album. THAT is noteworthy, yes? Well, I think so. That said, my third mixes do not always take on such an esoteric sound. Sometimes, they simply accentuate another direction. Either way, all of these mixes are near and dear to my heart...and my mind...and stuff. ^_^ I figured: while I'm dealing out the cliches and all... .

So... . This is the last sub-album of this meta-album. A couple of the tunes here were produced specifically to make this third album possible, while a couple of other tunes have a mix which is not featured on any of the sub-albums. I'll leave it to the more astute amongst my hypothetical fanatic fans to figure out which tunes those are. ^_^

Any way about it, this album is a brilliant experience to have...over and over again. I suggest you live in it for many years to come.

Gosh, once you start with the cliches...they just pour out, eh? Perhaps it is indicative of my overly sentimental state right now as I am about to publish the last sub-album of songs which collectively represent the majority of my musical life for the past 9 months. Yes, I am becoming rather Hallmarky about it. Well, no need for that! I'll be listening to these beauties for the rest of my life. I can only hope you do the same.



released June 11, 2013

Music composed, produced, mixed, remixed, and mastered by Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley.

"Road to Freedom":
Lyrics written by The Willz, aka William Varner.

"Your Body_Don G [Swircle 987 (PG) Remix]":
Lyrics and vocals by Don G.

"Hard Depth Core":
Recording of whales from New CBS Audio-File Sound Effects Library, produced by Ed Hoppe and Joel Dulberg.

"Computers Control":
Soundbite courtesy of NASA.

Album art by Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley.



all rights reserved


Swircle 987 Pleasanton, California

Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley, is an abstractician. An abstractician deals primarily with things in the abstract such as Mathematics, Music, and Art. Swircle 987 is the name Will Beazley has given to himself for the purpose of representing his music and art. ... more

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Track Name: The Road to Freedom [Minimal House Mix]
The road to freedom
to where there's no equal...
...but these young kids thinking
that there is no other way from evil
but to just lay waste
to those that have no space
to call home.
(so alone)
Track Name: Mal Funk Shun [Relapse Remix]
Track Name: Channel Your Energy [Decisive Mix]
Channel Your Energy
Track Name: In Orbit [Strange Remix]
"It's a new and strange environment at first, this...suddenly finding yourself in orbit."
Track Name: F_n (Mod 7) in Eb {Variation 2 [987 Mix​]​}
Track Name: Visual Eyes [Eyes Open Mix]
Visual Eyes