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"Clubbing" is a tune I put together based on another demonstration of how I make my music. I didn't want to call it the same thing as last time, so I asked them what they thought I should call it. "I don't know, how about...'Clubbing'?" was the gist of their collective reply.

The bass line is intentionally simple, as I was, after all, showing them how easy it is to get something going. Some say it is very difficult to produce music - I hear it quite a bit, or at least the sense that it would be. That said, I believe the best way to learn to make music is through making music. I think it is very true, what some say: the hardest part is getting started. I say: just close your eyes, open up your ears, and get started. ^_^

At any rate, this is the first mix originating from that demonstration. It's over all tonality is based on both of the whole tone scales, though there is a distinct repetition of the pitches C and G. So, there is also a basic diatonic method employed in this piece.

As is often the case in my recent music, I have avoided classic melodic material. In it's place, this song is sung by "descenders" and "risers" in a siren-like fashion. The rhythmic element of this alternative melody is provided by parallel compression, specifically with the hi hats. I feel this constant glissando "melody" fits well within the whole tone architecture of the piece - emphasizing the relative absence of diatonic structure.

In so many ways, the repetition of C and G centralizes the whole tone tonality, which is otherwise known for it's lack of a "center."


released June 2, 2012

Composed, produced, mixed, remixed, and mastered by Swircle 987.

Album Art by Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley.



all rights reserved


Swircle 987 Pleasanton, California

Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley, is an abstractician. An abstractician deals primarily with things in the abstract such as Mathematics, Music, and Art. Swircle 987 is the name Will Beazley has given to himself for the purpose of representing his music and art. ... more

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