Back Down to Earth

by Swircle 987

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This album contains the original song "Back Down to Earth" as well as the Spacekore Remix.

"Back Down to Earth" is a piece I produced while on the way to producing another piece. The catchy bass line of this song occurred as I was in the process of entering in the intended bass line. It sounded so brilliant as it was that I had to flesh it out into a song.

The title/lyrics have a number of meanings on a personal level: relinquishing control when resisting doing so is less pleasant; finding peace within the nervosa often experienced several hours after caffeinated beverage consumption; thinking upon matters with a more practical, less spacey mind set when necessary; and imagining the descent of artificially intelligent robots from space.

"Back Down to Earth_Spacekore Remix" is faster and spacier than the original tune. At 135 bpm, the ambience takes more of a prominent role in the overall soundscape as it repeatedly becomes less reverberated, thus emphasizing the themes.


released March 18, 2012

Composed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley.

Album art by Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley.



all rights reserved


Swircle 987 Pleasanton, California

Swircle 987, aka Will Beazley, is an abstractician. An abstractician deals primarily with things in the abstract such as Mathematics, Music, and Art. Swircle 987 is the name Will Beazley has given to himself for the purpose of representing his music and art. ... more

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Track Name: Back Down to Earth
Back down
to Earth
Track Name: Back Down to Earth_Spacekore Remix
Back down
to Earth